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Writing has always been a part of Terry's genetic lineage, many of her relatives being writers themselves, although the bug did not officially bite until 2006. When it did, her passion sprouted, blossomed, and then BOOMED!

"I've always been an observer by nature,"Terry says, "ask any close friend or family member, and they'll tell you that I've studied lines and movie dialogues for years, which can often become quite annoying to said friends and family (I can see the bobble-head nods of agreement)."

"When I write, I pull from what I know—real people, real life, and all the obstacles in between. My intent is to deliver stories with wisdom, warmth, and a medley of emotions with always a touch of humor, which I often find to be the elixir of life."

Terry is a native Houstonian, which is a rarity in the great state of Texas these days. She's married to a wonderful man and has a passel of grandchildren she adores. She holds two licenses: chemical dependency counseling and massage therapy. In 2004, Terry trained as a volunteer for Houston Hospice. "It was a life-changing training session that I believe would benefit everyone," she quoted. "Contrary to popular belief, hospice is not about dying, it's about helping people live until they pass on."

As a hobby, Terry crochets baby blankets and assembles fleece no-sew blankets for the children and teens in the care of Houston Hospice. "This busy work keeps my hands occupied while I study movies and sit-coms for story ideas," Terry said. "I have always said I will learn to knit when I grow up. So far, that hasn't happened."

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